Meeting with Tony Voisin and KAHA

We had the privilege of receiving the obstacle racer "Tony Voisin" aka "Uncle".

Just see his charts to realize that this is a reference in the field of obstacle races (OCR and SPARTAN).


  • Voted 2nd best OCR athlete in French league
  • 10 races including 8 podiums
  • Qualifying world and European OCR Championships
  • Qualifying Spartan World Championships


  • 8 races including 4 podiums
  • OCR World Championships: 2nd (15k, Cat. 25-29 years old), 3rd (3k, Cat. 20-29 years old)
  • European OCR Championships: 3rd (3k, Cat. 25-29 years old), 3rd (Elite Team)

On this occasion he tested some obstacles KAHA and allowed us to shoot this video.

Thank you Uncle